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Through our interdisciplinary collaborations, we have multiple ongoing projects that afford ample opportunities for students to engage in research.

Funded Projects

Through collaborations with researchers across the KSU community, our research program helped garner over $3,000,000 in grant funding to support multidisciplinary research projects.

Pilot Projects

We are piloting several small-scale projects to establish feasibility and viability of our project ideas. Our projects explore novel approaches and apply tools in translational neuroscience to understand emotion and mental health.

Mentored Projects

Research assistants pursuing independent research projects in our lab have numerous opportunities to present at regional, national and international conferences and serve as active contributors to the scientific community.

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Collaborate with us

Affective neuroscience is a fast-growing, interdisciplinary field that is uniquely suited for integrative scholarship. We welcome collaborations that incorporate knowledge from many levels to solve complex problems.

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